Boyu Yang

Boyu Yang

PhD Student

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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I am a PhD student of PRISDL in the School of Electronic, Electrical and Communication Engineering, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, advised by Prof. Qixiang Ye. I got a B.E. degree in Electronic Information School at Wuhan University, Wuhan in June 2018.

My research interests include computer vision and machine learning, specifically for few-shot learning and semantic segmentation.


Boyu Yang, Chang Liu, Bohao Li, Jianbin Jiao and Qixiang Ye, "Prototype Mixture Models for Few-shot Semantic Segmentation", European Conference on Computer Vision(ECCV), 2020 [PDF] [Code]


National Scholarships, 2015 2016

National Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Seconde Prize, 2016